Cake 7: Beetroot Bake

It’s arrived!

This issue showcases a great variety of work – with a vivid collection of poetry and prose exploring a number of themes: the body (human, animal and monster), familial bonds, medical science, machines, food and criminal activity. As well as featuring a number of previously published authors, Cake 7 also supports emerging writers – including The Lancaster Writing Awards winning entries (open only to sixth-form students) in poetry, fiction and criticism. The Method and Linger pieces, by Kate Horsley and Sarah Corbett respectively, explore the writing process and the concept of authorship. Tom Ley reviews Jane Hirshfield’s The Beauty and illustrations are provided by Amelia Tizley.

Available to purchase (and we ship internationally) here: Cake 7: Beetroot Bake

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 17.46.20

Cake 7 is also my first InDesign project – instead of outsourcing the cover design and all the typesetting / layout work I decided to have a crack at it myself. I’ve still got a long way to go in terms of mastering the software (I’ve learnt a lot about margins, bleeds, type kits, swatches and the like) but at least we have page numbers and a rather delicious colour for the magazine!

So now myself and the team will be promoting Cake 7 – all over social media and hopefully at a few events / independent bookstores as well – before beginning preparations for Cake 8 later this year. Exciting stuff!


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